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Published: March 30, 2017

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Published: March 20, 2017

Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) are mechanical shut-off devices that can be installed in the natural gas pipe running to the gas meter at your property (the “service line”).  An EFV is designed to shut off most of the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line breaks, for example, by an excavation accident. Stopping the flow of gas from a broken service line significantly reduces the risk of natural gas fire, explosion, personal injury and/or property damage.

You may request that we install an excess flow valve on the service line to your property.

If you notify us that you want an EFV, we will contact you to discuss your specific situation of installation and maintenance.  EFVs cannot be installed on some service lines due to high gas flow, low pressure or other factors. If you request an EFV, we will inform you if your service line cannot accommodate an EFV.

If an EFV can be installed on your service line and you choose to have this done, we will set up a mutually agreeable date when we will install an EFV on your service line.

You will need to request and pay $2,000 to cover the cost of installing the EFV.

To submit a request or if you have questions, please call the

City of Lawrenceville Gas Department at 770.963.3332.

Lawrenceville Appoints Members to Financial Review Citizens Committee

Published: March 7, 2017

 Lawrenceville Appoints Members to Financial Review Citizens Committee

15 Community Leaders Named to Newly Formed Committee



The City of Lawrenceville has appointed members to serve on the community’s newly formed Financial Review Citizens Committee.  Members named to the community at last night’s Council meeting included Michael Bolitz, Carla Crowe, Susan Sikes Davis, John Greenway, Liz Hartnett, Ryan Jensen, Glenn Martin, Jason Powell, Andres Rubio, Linda Stephens, Michael Thomas, Ann Vines, Jeff Wages, Sandra Webb and Carolyn Wright. The purpose of this committee is to educate citizens, business owners, and community leaders on the financial operations of the City and ultimately to encourage input into budgetary process in order to create better transparency with the public.

Chuck Warbington, City Manager, shared, “Lawrenceville has an operating budget of over $170 Million – the second largest municipal budget in Metro Atlanta, second only to Atlanta. A budget that large makes it not only needful but imperative to maintain transparency and communication with our residents and businesses as we work collaboratively with them to ensure proper investment and a focus on strategic priorities as set by the Lawrenceville community.”

The Committee comprises 15 members — five residents, five business representatives and five community leaders. Committee Members will meet four times in the next two months and may be called upon to attend work sessions as follows:

2017/2018 Budget Cycle

  • Overview Meetings with Staff Departments (Required)

2018/2019 Budget Cycle

  • Citizen Committee Presentations with Staff Budgets – Mar, Apr & May 2018
  • Recommendations to Council – Jun 2018

For information on the City of Lawrenceville, go to and be sure to visit the City’s Historic Downtown Square for its first event of the season, St. Paddy’s on Perry, March 17th from 4pm-10pm!

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Lawrenceville Leaders Named to Key Nomination Committee

Published: March 6, 2017


 Lawrenceville Leaders Named to Key Nomination Committee

 Council names team to nominate volunteers for service on future Hooper-Renwick Legacy Preservation Committee


The City of Lawrenceville announces the selection of leaders to nominate individuals for the future Hooper-Renwick Legacy Preservation Committee. Those being named to the nomination team are Ms. Rubye Neal, Greg Lot, Marlyn Tillman – President of the NAACP, Gwinnett Chapter, Marlene Taylor-Crawford – President of the United Ebony Society and Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson. The formal announcement of this nomination team by Lawrenceville Officials will take place at City Hall tonight at 7pm during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

“The City of Lawrenceville purchased the vacant Hooper-Renwick School facility to provide a catalyst for redevelopment in the immediate downtown area,” said Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson. “The City recognizes the significant historical impact of the Hooper-Renwick community and is committed to commemorating this unique and important past as we move forward together to embrace a progressive and unified vision in a special way.”

The Committee is being formed to engage and involve the Hooper-Renwick community and outline multiple options for honoring and preserving the legacy and impact of Hooper-Renwick. It will meet and nominate a minimum of 12 and no more than 25 candidates for Mayor and Council to consider by March 15, 2017.

The Hooper Renwick Legacy Preservation Committee, once formed, is expected to meet once a month for a one-year term with possible trips to local parks, museums, and historic sites to gather information on the best way to honor and preserve the legacy of Hooper-Renwick.  The City will provide an outside facilitator to conduct the meetings as well as possible consultants to provide conceptual visioning of various options.

For more information on the City, please visit

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