Lawrenceville Earns Second American Public Gas Association Recognition

Published: September 27, 2016

Lawrenceville Earns Second American Public Gas Association Recognition

Gas Utilities Department Receives Safety Award

The City of Lawrenceville’s Gas Utilities Department received it second award of the year from the American Public Gas Association. For the second consecutive year, the department received the “Safety Award” which recognized the team based on the number of employee hours worked and the number of hours lost to accident or injury during the 2015 calendar year.

“We are very proud to be the home of an award-winning gas utilities department,” said Chuck Warbington, City Manager. “The City invests significant time and resources into ensuring that our gas utilities department is run safely and efficiently for the benefit of both our employees and customers.”

Earlier this year, the department also earned System Operational Achievement Recognition (SOAR) at the SILVER level from the American Public Gas Association. SOAR is designed to recognize those public gas systems that have achieved excellence in the operation of their natural gas utility.

“The Gas Department has worked diligently to improve on our safety record,” said Mike Hutchins, Gas Department Director. “This award shows the continued success in this area.”
Two years ago, the local community experienced several outages due to low gas pressures. The City of Lawrenceville’s gas department proposed two major projects – recently approved by City Council – that will serve to solve the gas pressure issue in the community. The City has selected a contractor to implement these projects and logistics are currently being coordinated. The goal is to design and develop a new delivery point into the natural gas system and to create a 12 inch 13 mile pipe that will run from Walnut Grove into the Grayson area.

To find out more about the City of Lawrenceville and the projects taking place around town, visit

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