Lawrenceville Forms Financial Review Citizens Committee

Published: February 3, 2017


Lawrenceville Forms Financial Review Citizens Committee

County Seat Seeks Input into Budget Process, Encourages Transparency



The City of Lawrenceville will be forming a Financial Review Citizens Committee over the next month. The purpose of this committee is to educate citizens, business owners, and community leaders on the financial operations of the City and ultimately to encourage input into budgetary process in order to create better transparency with the public.

Chuck Warbington, City Manager, said of the committee, “We, as a City, want to be sure our plans continue to meet the needs of residents and businesses, share how we are investing the funds we receive and continue executing the goals our strategic plan. Financial planning is where it all begins and we look forward to working with the group appointed to this committee on making those things happen.”

The Committee will comprise 15 members that include five residents, five business representatives and five community leaders. Residents and business representatives will be appointed by the Mayor and Council, each responsible for appointing one resident and one business rep to the committee. The remaining five community leaders will be selected by the Mayor and approved by the Council for committee participation. Community leaders may come from faith-based institutions, non-profits or similar organizations within the City limits. At present, term limits for all appointments will not exceed two years. A schedule for the appointment process and future meetings is as follows:

2017/2018 Budget Cycle

  • Call for Nominations 2/6 – Council meeting
  • Citizen Committee Selection 3/6 – Council meeting
  • Overview Meetings with Staff Departments (Required)

2018/2019 Budget Cycle

  • Citizen Committee Presentations with Staff Budgets – Mar, Apr & May 2018
  • Recommendations to Council – Jun 2018

A call for nominations from the Mayor and Council will be held after the State of the City Address at Monday evening’s council meeting, February 6, 2017. For information on the City of Lawrenceville, go to and be sure to visit the City’s Historic Downtown Square for its first event of the season, St. Paddy’s on Perry, March 17th from 4pm-10pm!

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